pellet making machine for sale

Pellet Making Machine for Sale

Three are various pellet makers in the market. Sometimes you may be confused about what kind of pellet making machine for sale that you should choose. Now it’s time to let us make clear about some popular types of pellet machine for sale, such as electric pellet mill for sale, commercial pellet mill for sale. And then we can also see how to use pellet mill to make good quality pellets and how to choose satisfactory pellet mills.

pellet making machine for sale
pellet making machine for sale

Popular Types of pellet making machine for sale

1. Electric pellet mill for sale

According to power system, pellet mills can be classified into two types: electric pellet mill for sale and diesel pellet mill for sale. Compared with diesel powered pellet mill for sale, electric pellet mill is more attractive. For one hand, motor can works in anywhere there is electricity. For the other hand, electric pellet machine is more environmental in the course of pellet production.

electric pellet mill
electric pellet mill

Beston pellet making machine belongs to electric types, we can offer you four kinds of machines, including BN-9S-1, BN-9S-2, BN-9S-3, BN-9S-4. Different models have different output. For example, the output of BN-9S- 1 is less than one ton per hour. You can find more technical parameters.

Model BN-9S-1 BN-9S-2 BN-9S-3 BN-9S-4
Main Power 55KW 75KW 90KW 110KW
Extra power 4.7KW 4.7KW 4.7KW 4.7KW
Production 0.8-1T/H 1.0-1.3T/H 1.6-1.8T/H 1.8-2.2T/H
Die Size 450mm 450mm 560mm 580mm
Dimension(mm) 2900*1200*2920 2900*1200*2920 2900*1200*2920 3000*1250*3200

2. Commercial pellet mill for sale

Commercial pellet mill is another kind of popular type in the market, which is designed for producing large scale pellets.

commercial pellet mill
commercial pellet mill

The output of our pellet mills is very large, especially our industrial pellet mills. For instance, BN-9S-4 can reach to the output of two tons each hour, which is extremely amazing. If you are going to achieve mass production, then Beston pellet large pellet mill is a suitable choice for you.

In addition, there are some other types of pellet mill machines for sale, such as mobile pellet mill for sale, sawdust pellet mill, wood pellet mill and so on. You can know more types by clicking here. Next you can learn how to use pellet mill to make pellets.

How to use pellet mill to make pellet

Biomass pellet machine always has strict requirements for raw materials. For example, the diameter of raw materials should be less than 5 millimeters and its moisture content had better be under 8%. Thus the complete work flow of making pellets contains those following tips: crushing, drying, pelletizing, screening, cooling and packing. Here is a video for you to understand how pellets are made from raw materials.

In the course of crushing, the main equipment is crusher, which helps to turn waste wooden materials into tiny powder.

And next step is drying, whose purpose is to reduce moisture in raw materials. After those two steps, it enters into the pelletizing process. In the beginning, the raw materials fall into the granulating room of pellet mill. Under the influencing of centrifugal force, the powder is throwed to the in-wall side and forms a layer. After that, because of the mutual extrusion between ring die and compression roller, this layer, which is formed from powders, is extruded out and becomes cylindrical form. At last, they are cut into pellet with proper length by the cutter.

After those pellets are screened, they are in a relative high temperature and go through next step: cooling by the cooler. As for the packing process, you can choose to use an automatic packing machine, which greatly increases the efficiency.

use pellet mill to make pellet
use pellet mill to make pellet

How to choose suitable pellet mill for sale

When you are planning to purchase a pellet maker for sale, there are two things that you need to think carefully: the quality and the price.

The quality is the fundamental guarantee of profits. Only high-quality pellet machine can be used for making pellet smoothly. So when you are during a tour of the factory, it is a great idea to take some sample raw materials to have a test, and observe the process carefully. That is how you evaluate the quality. As one famous pellet machine supplier in China, Beston can provide you with the most excellent machines and you can use it to make high-quality pellets. And you are welcomed to have a visit to our factory in Zhengzhou.

Pellet machine price is also very important for buyers. On the base of high quality, an economical price reduces your start-up costs and maximize your profits. In order to serve you better, Beston would like to offer you a satisfactory price. And we are confident that you must be very glad after you communicate with our salesmen further.

So if you happen to be interested in Beston electric pellet making machine for sale, commercial pellet mill for sale, portable pellet mill for sale or any others, welcome to contact us. If you want to learn more, you can visit our facebook website:

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