Beston rice husk pellet making machine

Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine

Rice husk pellet making machine is a special equipment, which is used to press rice husk and rice straw into clavate or granular fuel. It means that raw materials will be solidified into high-intensity biomass fuel through the stage of pre-treatment and processing. Our company mainly provides you with cost-effective vertical ring die type pellet maker machine.

Beston rice husk pellet making machine
Beston rice husk pellet making machine

What is ring die rice husk pellet machine?

It consists of spiral feeder, mixed adjustment space, adjustment system, pellet forming area, lubrication system, main shaft, shell, rack, ring die, compression roller and scraper, etc. Through the transmission of gear rack, the rotating cylinder will do reversing rotation. Except that, its reducer gearbox adopts worm drive so that engine oil can be stored in the box to ensure good lubrication of the gear. What’s more, there is sight glass in the box to observe the running condition and oil capacity.

And we have BN-9S-1, BN-9S-2, BN-9S-3 and BN-9S-4 for your reference, some of them belong to large pellet mill for sale.

Model BN-9S-1 BN-9S-2 BN-9S-3 BN-9S-4
Main Power 55KW 75KW 90KW 110KW
Extra power 4.7KW 4.7KW 4.7KW 4.7KW
Production 0.8-1T/H 1.0-1.3T/H 1.6-1.8T/H 1.8-2.2T/H
Die Size 450mm 450mm 560mm 580mm
Dimension(mm) 2900*1200*2920 2900*1200*2920 2900*1200*2920 3000*1250*3200

Why our rice husk pellet making machine is popular?

For one hand, compared with other suppliers, our machine can achieve large output. The maximum output could reach 2.2 t/h, while others is rather smaller. And pellet making machine price is also very economical. For the other hand, we are full of confidence in the quality of our machine. You can see these details as follows.

1. The tooth surface adopts carburization treatment, which increases wear resistance.

2. Main shaft and hollow shaft are made up of imported Germany alloy structure steel processed by water forging, rough turning, heat treatment, fine turning and fine grinding.

3. Main engine uses superior steel, which provides reliable guarantee for safe operation.

4. Pellet molding system adopts high-quality silent bearings, which has characteristics of long service life and  secure running.

5. Ring die is made up of high-label stainless steel. It has unique and reasonable compression ratio, which minimizes the production costs.

6. Its pinch roller is designed with automatic adjustment function, which prevents raw materials from huddling together

7. It is with features of high yield, reasonable price and low power consumption.

rice husk
raw materials-rice husk, easy to get

8. It is equipped with fully automatic electric heating device, which can adjust the dry humidity of materials and avoid blocking.

9. Its high degree of automation makes operation easier and reduced labor costs.

Thus it is really popular and often be exported abroad.

rice husk pellet machine is shipping
rice husk pellet machine is shipping

How is rice husk pellet making machine working?

Rice husk enters into the granulating chamber directly, it should be noted that both size and water content of materials should be up to standard. If the size is bigger than required size, rice husk needs to be smashed in the crusher.  If the water content of materials is higher than 5%, rice husk needs to be dried by drum dryer or air dryer.

And when the rice husk meets the requirements of granulation, put them into granulation chamber. Under the effect of ring die, centrifugal force will push materials toward inner surface of the ring die continuously and form even ring material layers. After strong extrusion of two relative rotating parts of compression roller and ring die, materials will be squeezed out as the cylindrical shape through the ring die hole.  At last, cylindrical materials will be cut into uniform length and be gradually pushed out by drive plate.

watching how rice husk pellet making machine works
watching how rice husk pellet mill works

What rice husk pellet can be used for?

Rice husk pellet can take place of kerosene, firewood, liquefied gas and be used in biomass power generation, industrial boiler, fireplace, household appliances, residential heating furnace and so on. In addition, rice husk pellet fuel has advantages of higher thermal value, long burning time and zero pollution. It is a kind of effective and clean renewable energy sources with good economic benefit and social benefit. Therefore, rice husk pellet mill  has been more and more popular in market. Also, we have popular wood pellet machine and sawdust pellet machine for you to choose, which are also very hot in the market.

rice husk pellet
rice husk pellet

Price of rice husk pellet making machine

Like industrial wood pellet making machine, the price of rice husk mill also has something to do with its core parts and the number of machines. As we mentioned above, our company adopts many imported parts to ensure the quality of machine. So you can totally relieved that our price is always adequate to the quality. Besides, if your estimated output is very large, then you can buy more than one machine, given the circumstances, we may give you a discount on  price. In addition, we can provide you with some assistant equipment to make your your pellet making more smoothly, such as the crusher, the dryer, the cooler, the baler, etc. And you can look for other proper equipment besides rice husk pellet machine.

using crusher as a assistant equipment for making rice husk pellet
using crusher as a assistant equipment for making rice husk pellet

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