two sawdust pellet machines

Sawdust Pellet Machine

As we all know, sawdust pellet machine is used for making wood pellets from sawdust by extruding under high temperature and pressure. As one of the most secure and the most economic machines, there are various pellet making machine suppliers. And many customers have found this business opportunity and begun to get involved in it.

sawdust pellet machine
sawdust pellet machine

Why choosing sawdust as raw materials?

For one hand, sawdust is easy to get, especially for those who are engaged in wood processing, such as wood processing plants, furniture factories, wood carving factories and so on.

raw materials of sawdust pellet machine
raw materials of sawdust pellet machine

For the other hand, the cost of taking sawdust as raw materials seems to be incredibly low. Because sawdust is incalculable and considered as leftovers by most people. So you can purchase it at a low price and have a huge profit space.

In addition, choosing sawdust as raw materials is environmental. With the help of sawdust pellet machine, you can change waste material into things of value, which conforms to main current of sustainable development.

Here comes the question: do you know how to make wood pellets from sawdust?

Preprocessing of sawdust

Usually sawdust is mixed with dust, wastes, and some larger wood scraps. So we need a screening machine to screen it. Those whose diameter is up to the standard can go into the airflow dryer or drum dryer for drying. Those whose diameter is larger than five millimeters will be sent to the crusher at first; after that, they can go through the dryer.

wood crusher in the workshop
wood crusher in the workshop

Here are several types of our wood crushers.

Model Powe(kw) Hammer slice(piece) Weight(kg) Dimension(L*W*H) Output(kg/h)
S40 7.5 12 30 1310*800*1070 200-500
S50 15 16 50 1380*800*1070 600-800
S65*30 22 24 110 1500*1000*1100 800-1000
S65*55 37/45 48 1500/1700 1700*1000*1100 1000-2000
S65*75 55/75 72 1900/2200 2100*1000*1100 2000-3000
S65*100 90/110 76 2300/2600 2400*1000*1100 3000-4000
S130*55 110/160 80 5300/5600 2800*1620*2100 5000-6000
S130*100 160/220 160 6800/7100 3020*1620*2170 7000-8000

Sawdust granulating

After the screening and drying, the moisture content of sawdust now decreases to less than 8%. Now they are ready for making wood pellets from sawdust with the help of pellet maker for sale.

With the high demand for productivity, ring die type machine has been more and more popular in pellet mill market. What’s more, many enterprises at home and abroad use ring die machine to pellet. Our company produces the most advanced vertical ring die sawdust machine. It is made up of screw feeder, regulating system, pellet forming area, discharge hole, steel body, lubrication system, transmission device, main shaft, ring die, compression roller, scraper, cutter and door.

Compared with other sawdust pellet machines, our machine has such design highlights as follows.

our sawdust pellet machine
our sawdust pellet machine

1. We adopt cone pressure roller. So there is no dislocation friction between pressure roller and ring die, which prolongs the service life of the die and reduces the loss of kinetic energy and production cost.

2. There are three observation doors in pelleting chamber so that sawdust can be cleaned timely.

3. Compression roller are distributed evenly, which improves the productivity.

4. We have screw center adjustment structure. Thus the gap of the mold can be small or large casually, which is suitable for a variety of materials.

5. Rotary drum is made of stainless steel, which ensures the quality and non-discoloration of the treated materials.

6. The mold with two layers is installed vertically and statically, which reduces the cost and improves the efficiency.

the ring die and pinch roller
the ring die and pinch roller

7. Two sets of lubrication system ensure sufficient lubrication of running parts.

8. Cooling system makes pelleting chamber always stay in constant temperature, which reduces the failure rate in the actual operation.

When the sawdust pellet machine works, sawdust will enter into the pelleting chamber through the feeding mouth. Under the effect of centrifugal force, they will do circular motion constantly. Since the mold is static, thus compression roller will squeeze and rotate sawdust continuously. As time goes by, sawdust will be hot and softer, and be pushed to the hole of ring die as the state of particles. Afterwards, those particles will be squeezed out and cut into the required length by a cutting knife. In the end, they will be pushed to the discharge outlet by the dial.

Procedures after granulation

After granulation, there is still some other procedures such as cooling, screening and packing. Because wood pellet who is just going out of pellet machine is in a high temperature and can’t not be packed right now, we need to prepare some other assistant machines , including the cooler, baler. It makes your pellet making more automatically, which greatly reduces hunman cost.

procedures after granulation
procedures after granulation

Usages of wood pellet

After knowing how to make biomass pellets, it is time to talk about the usages of pellets. Wood pellet is a new type of biological energy source, which can replace firewood, raw coal, fuel oil and liquefied gas to be used in heating engineering, life stoves, industrial boiler and biomass power plant, etc. For one hand, it is clean energy and has no pollution to the environment. For the other hand, there is less and less renewable resources, such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. But wood pellet is inexhaustible. With its low cost and high profit, wood pellet fuel has a grander prospect.

pine wood pellet made by sawdust pellet machine
pine wood pellet made by sawdust pellet machine

Why choosing our company?

As one of the most influential sawdust pellet machine manufacturers, we have been engaged in innovation and production of this machine for several years. Our sawdust machines always have excellent performance. Besides, we have straw pellets machinery and rice husk pellet machine.They have been exported to the Philippines, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Australia, etc. Choosing our machine is choosing excellent performance and perfect service.

sawdust machine is shipping
sawdust machine is ready to Nigeria

1.We provide you with good-quality sawdust pellet machine, which is compact structure, wide adaptability, less land occupation and low noise.

2. Its transportation, assembly and disassembly is easy and convenient.

3. It’s easy for you to operate and maintain the machine.

4. We offer you free related technical training.

5. You can get the most thoughtful pre-sale service, on-purchase sale service, after sale service.

6. The sawdust pellet mill price is the most competitive. If you also need other assistant machine, you may get more discount.

Except from sawdust pellet mill, we also have rice husk pellet machine. If you are attracted by our sawdust pellet machine, welcome to leave a message. And we will contact you as soon as possible.

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