straw pellet machine

Straw Pellet Machine

Straw pellet machine is also named as straw pulverizer, which is a kind of molding machinery used to produce biomass pellet fuel.
Our company offers you the most advanced electric ring die straw pellet mill machine. At present, ring die machine has been the main current in the biomass pellet mill field, which absorbs the essence of other pellet mills. Because it is very convenient to adjust the length of the pellets, ring die pellet machine is very popular in the market. We mainly have models of BN-9S-1, BN-9S-2, BN-9S-3 and BN-9S-4 for your reference.

straw pellet machine
straw pellet machine

Model BN-9S-1 BN-9S-2 BN-9S-3 BN-9S-4
Main Power 55KW 75KW 90KW 110KW
Extra power 4.7KW 4.7KW 4.7KW 4.7KW
Production 0.8-1T/H 1.0-1.3T/H 1.6-1.8T/H 1.8-2.2T/H
Die Size 450mm 450mm 560mm 580mm
Dimension(mm) 2900*1200*2920 2900*1200*2920 2900*1200*2920 3000*1250*3200

Advantages of straw pellet machine

1. Low cost and high profit

The cost of pellet making machine for sale is extremely low.

As we all know, straw is the general term for the stems and leaves of mature crops. For straw pellets machinery, its raw materials mainly include corn straw, cotton straw, soybean straw, rice straw and wheat straw, etc. So you can get those materials at a low investment.

straw as raw materials
straw as raw materials-low investment

Besides, it’s easy for you to find extensive sales. Because pellets can be used as fuel for fireplace, boiler, gasifier and biomass power plant, which is very useful.

pellets made from straw
pellets made from straw

Last but least, the price of straw pellet maker machine is much reasonable. Thus buying pellet mill takes you low cost but brings high profit in return.

In comparison, you can get a relatively high profit.

2. Great benefit to environment

Just as biomass pellet mill for sale, straw pellet mill is a novel environmentally friendly equipment.

In the past, it is very common that straw is to be threw away or burned to ash in the countryside. This is both pollutant and wasteful.

burning straw
burning straw

Thanks to the advance in science and technology, now we have straw pellet mill . Both their raw materials and finished products have no pollution to the environment. Since it is in accordance with the mainstream of the cycle of development, pellet mill will become more and more popular, especially in some countries with a highly developed system of agriculture.

As one of the most competitive straw pellets making machine manufacturers, we are trusted by our customers. After improving technological content and optimizing the function of the mill, we have had mobile straw pellet machine for sale, and we firmly believe that it will bring you great convenience. I’d like to share some characteristics of our machines.

Characteristics of Beston straw pellet mill for sale

With a suitable pellet mill machine price, you can get high-quality machine . Its features can be discussed from those parts: main body, granulating chamber, transmission system, lubrication system, cooling and dust pelletizing system.

1. Main body

The mainframe box is made of high quality steel. It has thickness uniform, compact structure. Which provides more supports for the normal operation. It is worth mentioning that our machine is packed entirely in one box, so it is easy to install it. You just need to move it out and set it in a flat place.

pellet making machine
pellet making machine

2. Granulating chamber

A. It is the core part of straw pellet mill. In order to supervise granulating process better, there are more than one observation doors, which is really convenient.

B. Ring die in the chamber is really necessary for pelletizing. Our ring die has two layers. For one hand, it can save time to change another mold and increase pelletizing efficiency. For the other hand, it can reduce cost. What’s more, the size of ring die is adjustable, you can tell us your particular demand.

3. Transmission system

This system is usually composed of main bearing, spindle, gear box and coupling. To be more specific, it is equipped with high-precision gears and advanced snake-shaped spring coupling, which greatly improves transmission efficiency.

4. Lubrication system

Beston straw pellet making machine has two sets of lubrication systems, including pinch roller automatic lubrication and gear box circular lubrication system. Dual sets can totally ensure smooth operation for a long time.

5. Cooling and dust pelletizing system

Cooling system can adjust the temperature of the granulating chamber, which keeps the pelletizing process stable. With the help of dust pelletizing system, the cleanliness of finished products is higher. At last, you can get a good pelletizing effect.

engineers in the workshop to have a check
engineers in the workshop to have a check

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