our wood pellet making machine

Wood Pellet Making Machine

Wood pellet making machine is a kind of machine which turns wood materials such as sawdust, tree trunk, branches, roots, bark, wood waste, building templates into wood pellet with the influence of pressure and heat.

our wood pellet making machine
our wood pellet making machine

What is the usage of wood pellet ?

The finished products are wood pellets. Because of convenient storage, transportation and usage of wood pellets, they have been applied in many fields instead of coal and gas, including civil and industrial boiler fuel, heating, and even generate electricity. With the sustainable development of national economy and the advancement of energy conservation, environmental protection and green low carbon economy, fuel consumption of biomass pellet will get a faster growth, the prospect of wood pellet will be grander than before. The most important thing is pellet maker machine price is not very high, and its finish products are clean and durable.

wood pellet made by wood pellet making machine
wood pellet made by wood pellet making machine

How does a pellet mill work?

As time goes by, the automatic technology becomes more advanced. Making wood pellets from wood chips is much easier than before. Several necessary equipment in the whole production line are as follows: crush machine, dust collectors, belt conveyor, hot air stove, dryer, induced draft fan, bag filter, silo, skip hoist, pellet mill machine for sale, flat conveyor, distribution platform, cooler and baler. Only if they cooperates well, wood pellet manufacturing process can be finished successfully. Now let ‘s see how to make wood pellets fuel step by step. There are five workshop sections in total: smashing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and packing.

working process of making wood pellet
working process of making wood pellet

1. Smashing

Before smashing, check out the size of wood materials. If the material is too broad and too large, you still need to prepare a drum chipper before putting raw materials into the crusher. Or the raw materials cannot fit with the crusher directly and block the feed inlet. Then you can smash wood materials under the influence of crushing machine. Our company produces different kinds of crushers. Let’s take multi-function wood crusher as an example. You can see the following types.

Model Powe(kw) Hammer slice(piece) Weight(kg) Dimension(L*W*H) Output(kg/h)
S40 7.5 12 30 1310*800*1070 200-500
S50 15 16 50 1380*800*1070 600-800
S65*30 22 24 110 1500*1000*1100 800-1000
S65*55 37/45 48 1500/1700 1700*1000*1100 1000-2000
S65*75 55/75 72 1900/2200 2100*1000*1100 2000-3000
S65*100 90/110 76 2300/2600 2400*1000*1100 3000-4000
S130*55 110/160 80 5300/5600 2800*1620*2100 5000-6000
S130*100 160/220 160 6800/7100 3020*1620*2170 7000-8000

It not only adopts cutting blades, but also employs high speed air impacting and collision. It merges double grinding functions together. Meanwhile it finishes micro powder separation. During the process of cutting and grinding , the rotor can create high-speed airflow, which rotates in the direction of blade cutting. Wood materials have to speed up in the airflow, and suffer from the repeated impact. So it can make materials being crushed twice, and then accelerate crushing and grinding rate.

crushing and removing dust
crushing and removing dust

Except wood crusher, if you need to deal with logs, I want to recommend you another kind of crushing machine. It is sawdust pellet mill, which can crush logs into sawdust directly.

Here are some technical parameters of sawdust pellet machines.

Model Cutter diameter


Blade quantity


 Input port diameter


Rotating speed of spindle






450 450 4 150*150 2600 5.5-7.5 400
550 550 4 150*150 2600 11 600
650 600 4 200*200 2300 15 1000
750 700 4 250*250 2300 18.5-22 1200
850 820 4 300*300 1500 30 2000
1000 900 4-6 350*350 1500 55 3000
1200 1000 4-6 400*400 1500 75 4000

2. Drying

After being smashed, wood materials become sawdust whose diameters is lesson than 5 millimeters and get into drying workshop sections. The main equipment during this section is dryer.

There are two kinds of dryers: airflow dryer and drum dryer. Drum dryer is one of the most simple and easy dryers in biomass energy drying equipment.

assistant drum dryer
assistant drum dryer

The drying production line consists of drum dryer and heat source (blast), fan, cyclone dust collector and other dust removal equipment, etc. Hot air comes into dryer from the hot blast stove. Materials get into drum dryer from inlet and are elevated by the raising plate. Once those materials contact the hot air, the moisture in the materials is taken away. Materials get out of the outlet and the hot air is pumped away from the top. In short, the movement of materials mainly depends on impelling action of the guide plate and raising plate in the dryer.

3. Pelletizing

After passing the silo, skip hoist and distribution platform, here comes the key procedure: pelletizing. Our company adopts vertical ring die wood pellet making machine. If your output is large, you can also choose industrial wood pellet mill. Compared with flat die type, ring die wood pellet extruder is more effective than flat die type. It is consisted with inlet, discharge port, engine base, reduction gearbox, bearing room, motor, compression roller and ring die.

wood pellet making machine is working in the field
wood pellet making machine is working in the field

When vertical ring die pellet machine is running, sawdust comes down directly from the inlet. Under the rotation of pinch roller, wood powder spread evenly on the inner cavity of the mold. Going through high temperature and high pressure, wood powder extrude ring die’s small holes and become particles with particular size on account of different ring die.

The following chart is our main types of wood pellet making machines.

Model BN-9S-1 BN-9S-2 BN-9S-3 BN-9S-4
Main Power 55KW 75KW 90KW 110KW
Extra power 4.7KW 4.7KW 4.7KW 4.7KW
Production 0.8-1T/H 1.0-1.3T/H 1.6-1.8T/H 1.8-2.2T/H
Die Size 450mm 450mm 560mm 580mm
Dimension(mm) 2900*1200*2920 2900*1200*2920 2900*1200*2920 3000*1250*3200

4. Cooling and packing workshop sections

During Cooling and packing workshop sections, cooler and baler are necessary. At this time, wood pellets are just coming out of pellet manufacturing equipment, where the temperature is extremely high. After wood particles is cooled down by the cooler, later it is conveyed to the baler. While the baler usually works automatically. In addition, you still need to send one person to put bags beside the outlet for packaging. Now you can get finished products.

Why is wood pellet popular?

The main reason is that it is environmental.  Because it recycles waste materials to be raw materials

Wood pellet is a kind of biomass energy, which belongs to clean energy. Wood pellet contains less carbon content, lower sulfur content and significantly more oxygen content. The release of carbon dioxide from burning wood pellet is very low, compared with coal-fired boiler, you can consider it as zero carbon dioxide emissions. In short, using biomass combustion can realize biomass waste reduction, harmless and recycling use. To some extent, wood chip pellet machine is a magic which turns waste into wealth. You put some garbage into it, then get useful pellet fuel after a while. Isn’t it amazing and commendable?

How do you choose wood pellet mill manufacturers

At first, you need to get the basic knowledge of wood pellet mill equipment. On one hand, you can arrange stuffs to get information on the internet. On the other hand, you can consult some partner manufacturers and get more practical advice.

pellet making machine in work
pellet making machine in work

Second, make a better wood pellet mill business plan. You should think about such questions:

A. How big the field of your wood pellet plant is?

B. How many wood pellet manufacturing equipment do you need?

C. Do you prefer small wood pellet mill or commercial wood pellet mill ?

D. What’s the budget? And what is your ideal price of wood pellet machine?

E. How many workers will be arranged?

F. Do you want to purchase some spare parts for substitution?

G. How many days is the proper supply period for you ?

Third, keep your wood pellet making machine plans in mind and visit some wood pellet machine suppliers you are interested in. Our company owns advanced technology and produce high- quality wood pellet making machines, which are popular both at home and abroad. We are really looking forward to your visit.

customers are having a look at wood pellet making machine
customers are having a look at wood pellet making machine

What are advantages of our wood pellet making machine

1. It is equipped with high-quality reducer and bearings, which is durable, low consumption, stable operation.

2. The vertical mold can achieve vertical feeding, thus it can avoid cambering and get better heat emission.

3. The ring die is static, while pressure rollers are rotating , thus materials can be centrifuged and evenly distributed.

4. With thirty- centimeter spline shaft, materials get a longer time in granulating room, which is helpful for better particle formation.

5. The mold has two layers, which leads to available dual purpose. It is a energy-efficient design.

6. It has automatic cooling function. Hot air is pumped out by draft fan in order to avoid the granulating room from running under high temperature. Thus particles won’t be filled with steam and look more brighter.

As one of professional wood pellet making machine manufacturers with excellent team members, we are confident in our wood pellet makers. In addition we also have biomass pellets making machine. If you are interested in them, please contact us at any time. We will reply you within 24 hours. It’s our great honor to serve you.

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