How Can You Choose A Proper Sawdust Pellet Machine

Speaking of buying a suitable sawdust pellet machine, it is not easy to make a decision in a short time. What kind of pellet making machine is proper? How can you judge its quality? Today I would like to share something about method of choosing a proper sawdust pellet machine.

As we all know, sawdust pellet mill is a kind of biological fuel particle shaping equipment. Its finished product is pellets, which can be used for cooking, heating, bathing, boiler. Thus it is very popular in the market.

First of all, it is not wise to merely look at the price of pellet machine. Sometimes low price could be a trap for customers. Instead, the quality is the key factor what we should focus on. You had better choose the machine with simple operation and maintenance, such as Beston pellet mill. So it can improve efficiency and reduce labor costs, which is suitable for long-term development of enterprises.

In addition, you must evaluate the strength of pellet mill manufacturers and inspect the factory by yourselves. By the way, what those salesmen said is not important. For on hand, it is necessary to learn the production capacity and scale of pellet making machine suppliers.For the other hand, it is also feasible to see how many successful cases there are. In this way, you can finding a professional supplier. As a matter of fact, factory inspection is a good idea.

If you are going to start a factory inspection, more attention should be paid to the small details. Because details tend to determine the quality of the whole machine. Here is a little tips. You can test the machine with sample. Both pellet machine quality and operation technical proficiency can severely affect the production efficiency. After watching how the machine works, you may get a vivid understanding about the machine and make your final decision. If your estimated output is very large, you may as well have a look the entire pellet production line.

Last but not least, fully and rationally grinding is also indispensable for pellet machines before using. Because the ring die roller is heat-treated pieces. In the course of heat treatment, the inner hole of the circular mould may produce some burr and the burr will block the flow of materials and shape. That’s why we need to grind before making pellets. Usually there is a certain formula in the manual. And you can operate it with the help of manual.

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