How Can You Judge the Quality of Pellet Making Machine

It is natural that customers want to get perfect machine with a reasonable pellet machine price. Thus we can teach you some ways to identify the quality of pellet making machine. You can judge it from overall appearance, ring die, granulation chamber door, the cutter and safety linkage.

1. Overall appearance

A. The paint on the surface of the cabinet is usually uniform and solid. Situations such as leakage paint, sagging and falling off should be avoid.

B. The chrome plating should be firm. And there is no shedding or corrosion.

C. Stainless steel parts have smooth surface. And they are processed with neat polished pattern.

2. Ring die

A. Thorough direct observation, you can judge whether there is beating phenomenon in the course of turning or not. In addition, you should also notice that if it is wiped with other parts

B. The gap between pressure roller and ring die need to be adjusted. You can insert two layers of papers, if it is hard to pull papers out, then the gap is suitable. After adjusting the gap, please tighten the nut and install the shield in time. At this time, if you use your hand to turn the ring die, there is no stuck.

3. The door of granulation chamber

A. Please check the quality of granulation chamber door by repeatedly opening and closing. If it can be switched conveniently and closed tightly, then it is qualified.

B. Besides, you can observe the seal of the compartment door from the side. If some places happen to be sealed improperly, you can adjust fixed bolts in case of powder leakage

4. The cutter

It is also necessary to adjust the different position of grain cutter and repeatedly lock the nut. The aim is to check whether its function is reliable

5. Safety linkage

In order to prevent other hard materials entering into the machine, we set a safety linkage on spindle. When some other foreign matter goes into it, the resistance of the spindle will increase dramatically, which leads to the breaking of safety bolt. Accordingly, the leading edge of safety linkage can touch the transmission fork of travel switch in time and power supply is cut off.

Thus you have to check carefully if the leading edge of safety linkage can touch transmission fork effectively.

Next time when you are going to purchasing pellet equipment, you can observe those parts emphatically. As one professional biomass pellet machine manufacturer, we can provide you different kinds of machines, including wood pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, straw pellet machine, rice husk pellet making machine, etc. Welcome to contact us.

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