Combustion Analysis of Biomass Pellet Fuel

Biomass pellet fuel is a kind of clean energy. It is the finished products of biomass pellet making machine.

Its raw materials are sawdust, straw, peanut shell, rice husk, sunflower seed husk, tree branches, trunk, bark, wood scraps, various crop straw, sugarhouse waste, wastewater sludge,etc. And there is no need to add any adhesives or accelerators into it.

It is widely applied in traditional urban coal-fired boilers. To some exrtent, it can instead of coal. And the diameter of pellet fuel after molding is between six and eight millimeters. In addition, its density is large. This is helpful for storage and transportation.

One of the fundamental purpose of using biomass pellet fuel is to reduce the emissions of atmospheric pollutants. At the same time, we can also make full use of forestry and agricultural solid waste.

According to the research, the burning of biomass pellet emits no carbon dioxide, infinitesimal oxynitride. Its emission of sulfur dioxide is less than 33.6 milligrams per per cubic meter. For smoke and soot, its emission is less than 46 milligrams per cubic meter. What’s more, the ash content after burning can be recycled and made into potash fertilizer. In short, developing biomass pellet is developing green cyclical economy.

The following chart is statistical data about the combustion analysis of biomass pellet fuel. What’s more, compare it with combustion comparison of burning coal as boiler fuel.

 Type Coal Biomass pellet fuel
Calorific capacity 4500kcal/kg 3600
Thermal efficiency 60% 80%
Density 1100-1400kg/㎡ 800-1100kg/㎡
Emission CO2(g/m) 218 0
SO2(mg/m) 1280 33.6
NO2(mg/m) 617 333
Smoke dust(mg/m) 510 66.75

Since biomass pellet has a large prospect, thus the machine which can make it is also very popular in the market. Biomass pellet making machine can turning agricultural and forest wastes into pellet under the influence of high temperature and pressure.For one hand, it can not only bring social and economical and social benefit. For the other hand, it is a significant mitigation for environmental pollution and energy shortage.

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