Customers From Pakistan Visited Our Factory

Last Sunday, our customers from Pakistan visited our factory, they showed keen interest in our rice husk pellet making machine. It is said that they planted many rice, and there are large quantity of rice husks available. What’s more, rice husk pellet mill can produce pellets fuel, which are clean and durable. Investing such a machine is no doubt a chance for earning money! They told our salesman, if we give them a reasonable price, they will build a long-term business relationship with us and will introduce many customers to us.

In addition rice husk pellet machine, there is also sawdust pellet mill for sale, its raw materials are sawdust, and this machine doesn’t need any other quxiliary equipment like dryer and smasher. So if you have a lot of sawdust, buy a sawdust pellet machine, low investment will bring you high returns! Do not hesitate to contact us!

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