Four Stages of Burning Wood pellet

The reason why pellet wood making machine can get high ratio of briquetting is due to its interplay among inner systems, such as the feeding system. Only if the feeding system is convenient enough, thus it can avoid discontinuous feeding of raw materials and is helpful to improve the efficiency of granulation. Today we are going to talk about four stages of burning wood pelelt.

Wood pellet making machine turns raw materials into high-density pellet by extruding. The density of raw materials is usually around 140 kg/m, the density after molding is more than 1200 kg/m.

After it is affected by the force of pellet machine, raw materials will rearrange the location, and go through the stage of elastic deformation, mechanical deformation and plastic deformation.

This can be divided into four stages of burning wood pellet.

The first stage is the dehydration process of biomass. The water loss in this stage is ten percent.

The second phase is the burning of volatile combustion and carbon. The burning of volatile combustion is mainly happens at 450℃; and the burning of carbon concentrates on 495℃. Weight loss in this phase should be controlled in 85%.

The third stage is the crystal structure transition of inorganic substance. Material of the same chemical composition is occupied with different crystal type. Low enthalpy amount of crystal within a certain range is the most stable and the quality always stay the same.

The fourth stage is the forming stage of wood pellet.

As we mentioned above, four stages of burning wood pellet is a rather complicated process. And it must have something to do with the quality of pellet making machine. Only those machines with well performance can ensure the molding rate of pellet machine. Beston wood pellet making machine adopts the most effective vertical ring die. It can produces wood pellet with over ninety percent molding rate. Welcome to visit our factory for more details.

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