Industrial Wood Pellet Machine

Industrial wood pellet machine is the commercial wood pellet making equipment, which processes wooden scraps and wastes into particles with a large scale by continuous molding. Just as its name implies, it can deal with various wood materials, including sawdust, tree trunk, branches, roots, bark, wood waste, building templates and so on. Then the finished products are used for industrial development.

Industrial wood pellet machine

The main technical parameters are as follows.

Main Power55KW75KW90KW110KW
Extra power4.7KW4.7KW4.7KW4.7KW
Die Size450mm450mm560mm580mm

What’s the working procedures of making wood pellet?

1. Chipping (optional procedure)

Making wood pellet includes wood pellet making line. First of all, it is chipping. Usually wooded scraps and wastes don’t have regular shapes. Some are big, some are small. If the size of wooden materials is bigger than the feed port of wood crusher, you need to put wooden materials into drum chipper.

Drum chipper is a useful tool to cut raw wood, branches, slabs, bamboo wood etc. into sheet stock with rather smaller size. It consists of engine base, knife roll, feeding roll, conveyor belt and hydraulic system.

chipping by drum chipper

2. Smashing

If the wooden materials is small enough to get into the wood crusher, then they can directly enter into wood crusher to be smashed. We prepare different kinds of wood crusher for you.

multi-function crusher is the assistant machine

Our multi-function crusher is the most powerful one and especially matches industrial pellet mills. There are two inlets in multi-function crusher: one is wood logs inlet, the other is slab edgings inlet. It is one kind of advanced fine crushing and grinding machine specially for making quality wood fibers, wood powders, wood sawdust, etc. This series in our company includes several types:BN420, BN500, BN600, BN700, BN800, BN1000. Most of them has four blades, which can smash wooden material more effectively and quickly.

ModelPowe(kw)Hammer slice(piece)Weight(kg)Dimension(L*W*H)Output(kg/h)

Drying (key procedure)

Under the influence of wood crusher, wood materials are all turned into wood powder whose diameter is less than 5 millimeters. Before it enters the inner part of dryer, it was removed dust by dust collector, and then start the drying procedure. But if your raw material is sawdust, you don’t need to use dryer, instead, you can use sawdust pellet mill. The drying set contains hot air stove, bag filter and induced draft fan. Hot air stove aims to provides heating source; bag filter is designed for removing dust; and induced draft fan is used for making hot air out of dryer.

There are two types of dryers: airflow dryer and drum dryer.

airflow dryer with twisted pipes
drum dryer with a long pipe

Here are some differences between air flow dryer and drum dryer

1.The most easily observed difference is the shape of pipes. Airflow dryer has several twisted pipes which are in vertical placement. while drum dryer has a long horizontal pipe.

2.What’s more, the output of dryer is different. The output of airflow dryer is usually less than seven hundred kilograms; while the output of drum dryer is around one ton. You can choose a proper dryer on account of estimated output.

  1. They can deal with different moisture content. For airflow dryer, it can dry wood powder whose moisture content is at most thirty percent; for drum dryer, it can deal with wood powder with eighty percent moisture content.

Since industrial wood pellet making machine has a relatively large production, drum dryer is a better match.

4. Granulating

After drying, dried powder comes through the silo and reaches the distribution platform with the help of skip hoist. Under the distribution platform, there is one industrials wood pellet machine or more. The number of it all depends on estimated output. Those wood power falls down from the distribution platform section by section and gets into the wood pellet making machine so as to become particles with particular size. Since different customers need different size of particles, so we provide you with different molds. They are adjustable as long as you need. What’s more, our wood pellet mill cost is very suitable.

working wood pellet machine with conveyors

5. Cooling and packing

The last tip for pellet production line is to use cooler to cool down those particles. Because if we don’t lower temperature for particles and packed them immediately, then there will be much vapour inside the bag, which reduces the quality of finished products. In order to increase efficiency, except from cooler, automatic packing machine could be another assistant machine for packing.

cooler to help industrial wood pellet cool down

What’s the usage and merit of burning wood pellet?

Wood pellet is known as a kind of clean energy. It can not only used for household heating, but also suitable for industrial boilers and thermal power generation. Thus you may see it in feed mills, wood processing plants, fuel factory, toy factory, chemical plants, etc.

As for the merit of burning wood pellet, there’s a lot to talk about.

The usage of industrial wood pellet is to burn as clean energy

For one hand, it is environmental. Wood pellet is one of clean energy. In the past, the main fuel are coal, heavy oil and natural gas, which causes severe environment contamination. Now most countries in the world start to limit burning amount of coal, more and more factories are using biomass boilers. Due to the decrease of oil resources and natural gas resources, Clean energy comes to be the mainstream of energy use.

For the other hand, it is economical. Wood pellet is made of agricultural and industry wastes, so the cost is relatively lower. But its heating energy is quite large. The heat energy of ten thousand tons wood pellet equals to that of eight thousand tons coals. In conclusion, it is more economical and practical than burning.

How can you judge the mold of industrial pellet mills

As I mentioned above, the mold is the core part of a wood pellet mill. It plays an important role in the process of granulating. So how can you judge the mold?

Here are some tips for you to tell the mold is good or not.

A. First, make clear about the raw materials. The mold is a quick-wear part. So it had better adopts wear resistant raw materials.

B. Second, pay attention to the type of mold. There are flat die and ring die theoretically. For flat die type, the die sits flat and rotates all the time. For ring die type, The direction of the mold is vertical. When it works, the die is static, while pressure rollers is rotated instead of mold. In comparison, ring die type is more effective because material can be centrifuged and evenly distributed.

C. Third, grinding of surface is also important for the mold. some small manufacturers may adopt manual polishing, which leads to omission from polishing and cannot satisfy the standard degree of finish. Usually terrible grinding may cause the failure of granulating. Thus when judging the quality of the mold, you should observe the surface of mold and particles.

What are strengths of our industrial wood pellet machine?

  1. Our ring die adopts wear resistant materials. Therefore it gets longer service life.
  2. The ring die has two layers with available dual purpose and energy-efficient design. It can produce two kinds of particles which are two different bore diameters.
  3. It has independent lubrication system, among which there is high-pressure filtering device.
  4. It has independent frequency conversion device to enhance molding rate particles.
  5. Our coupling is serpentine steel flex coupling. It is unique, compact, safe and less noisy.
  6. The main drive adopts gear with high-precision to transmit. Compared with belt drive type, its production is increased more than 20%. Our company provides you with perfect products and good service. Before purchasing, we can offer you a special design according to your practical demands. After you make orders, we always supervise the process of production and deliver the goods on time. As for after-sales service, our professional team can offer free training on basic knowledge and maintenance method.
a delivery of industrial wood pellet making machine

Last but not least, we also have straw pellet making machine and biomass pellet machine. If you have any ideas, please free free to contact us at anytime. We are so look forward to communicating with you.