Pellet Making Machine Price

When you see a pellet making machine price, you may be lost in thought: is this pellet making machine price cheap or expensive? Is it worth buying? Sometimes both cheap price and expensive price may become a trap for those customers who know little about pellet making machine. Thus it’s risky to tell the quality only from the price. Therefore, this page aims to tell you some elements influencing the price of pellet machine.

If you want to estimate the rationality of price for pellet machine, here we have several little tips for you. First, collect some information about the history and reputation of one company; then evaluate the quality of pellet mill; next observe the finished products carefully. If you are interested, discuss the date of delivery with salesmen. In the end, remember to learn more about after-sales service. And until now you will have a general idea about whether the price is reasonable or not.

Choosing a professional and reliable company for affordable pellet mill price

There are many pellet machine manufacturers, we beston group, as one of the most famous pellet machine supplier in Henan, we have been engaging in innovation and marketing of pellet machine for years. And our company is a high-tech enterprise which concentrates on the research, production, sales of pellet making machine. Due to scientific management, masterful manufacturing technology and innovative idea, we have become an outstanding pellet machine manufacturer. Focusing on pellet making machine for several years, we have accumulated rich experience. Our products are very popular both at home and abroad. They have been exported to the Philippines, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Australia, etc.

Pellet machine for sale with good capability is a necessary condition for pellet making machine price

It is an equipment to produce renewable energy, which turns agricultural, forestry and industrial refuse into particles. Our company provides you with the most advanced vertical ring die pellet making machine. When it works, powders fall down directly from feeding port. Under the rotation of pinch roller, they are distributed on the inner surface of the mold directly. Then under the rolling of compression roller, powders go through the dense holes of the mold and comes out of the holes, who become the state of cylindrical materials. Being cut by blades, cylindrical materials are shorten into small particles. You can see, during the working process, most parts have to be wear-resisting on account of repeated extrusion, such as the mold, compression roller and the screen. Thus we usually adopt imported wearable parts to extend the service life of the machine. From this point of view, our pellet mill price is cost-efficient.

We can provides you with several types of pellet making machines. You can know more technical parameters from the following chart.

Main Power55KW75KW90KW110KW
Extra power4.7KW4.7KW4.7KW4.7KW
Die Size450mm450mm560mm580mm

High-quality pellet is the best certification to prove your investment is worthwhile

Checking the quality of finished products is the direct way to tell if pellet machine price is proper. The finished products of pellet machine is biomass pellet. For example, making wood pellets from wood chips is also very common. But how can you tell the quality of pellet? The quality of good particles mainly has the following indicators.

A. They have smooth appearance with uniform luster and the length. But if there is a crack, it tends to become powder again.

B. The density of particles generally is between 1.1 t/m3 and 1.3 t/m3. You can take a cup of water and put some particles into the water. If particles sink quickly, which indicates that the density is high enough; If they float on the surface of the water, which shows the low density and bad quality of finished products.

In addition, biomass pellet is a useful clean energy, which is used as fuel for household heating, boiler heating and electricity generation. Because of its low cost and wide usage, you can get a huge profit from buying pellet machine.

Timely delivery is a reassuring assurance that the price should include

When you make a order, you may have a clear production plan in advance. So the date of delivery is an important factor that the pellet making machine price should include. If the supplier can not deliver your goods on time, it may affect subsequent production, lead to time cost and pecuniary loss. However such things won’t happen in our factory. No matter a pellet machine or a whole pellet production line, we can promise you timely delivery. If you are in a hurry and eager to start your production, we can even work overtime to meet your demands. That’s why we have so many returned customers.

Well after-sales service is value-added for your cost

Pellet making machine is a rather delicate machine, thus the price of pellet machine should also include a well after-sales service. The after-sales service department is one of the main department in our company. It has a group of over thirty skilled workers in charge of maintenance and debugging. They are all experienced workers who have engaged in equipment production and site planning for many years. We promise you that we will solve your problem as fast as possible.

  1. We offer you free training on basic product knowledge and maintenance method for you
  2. We have our own vulnerable parts manufacturing plant, which can ensure the supply of original spare parts.
  3. All the broken parts under guarantee, which are caused by quality or non unnatural wearing out, can be changed for free.

With proper pellet making machine price, I believe that our company must be a good choice for you. You can get biomass pellet mill, rice husk pellet machine and so on. Last but not least, we also have some other assistant equipment for you to choose, such as the crusher, dryer and so on. If you want to learn more, you can visit our google+ page: