Sawdust Pellet Machine Assembly is Important

As we all know, sawdust pellet machine is a new renewable energy equipment. Take wood grain, tree branches, maize straw, rice straw, rice husk and other plant waste as raw materials, it can make final wood particles through crushing, mixing, extrusion and drying. And those particles is a useful biomass energy, which is as important as coal, oil, electricity and gas. Among its production, sawdust pellet machine assembly is important.

First of all, assembly is necessary for all pellet machine manufacturers. When workers are going to install running parts, they will have a dynamic balance debugging to make the center of gravity at the same height. Therefore, when pellet making machine in a high speed operation, there will be less vibration, which leads to less damage to the machine.

Second, different processing accuracy can affect the accuracy of assembly. Even if two machine manufacturers adopt same materials for parts, it is still possible that they may receive different assembly results on account of different processing accuracy. Only if the processing accuracy is increased, the installation precision between one part and the other will be increased.Accordingly, the degree of wear during operation will slow down, and the life of the equipment will be much longer.

In addition, the working experience of assembly engineers influences the assembly accuracy. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. Thus an experienced assembly engineer usually has strong assembly skills and unique ways to tell the quality of assembly.

All in all, assembly plays an important role in the whole production process. Though sawdust pellet machine is very popular in the market, its production involves some high technical difficulties, such as assembly. So it is fatal to choose an excellent pellet machine manufacturer. Having focusing on producing pellet machine for several years, our company has accumulate technical and management experience. With our professional workers, we can totally make sure the quality of machine assembly. All of our products can be trusted and we can offer you reasonable pellet making machine price. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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