Wood Pellet Production Line

It is a generic terms for the complete wood pellet manufacturing process, which makes a variety of wood materials into high-intensity biomass pellet fuel. Our company is an outstanding wood pellet production line manufacturers. Focusing on pellet production line for several years, we have accumulated rich experience. Our products are very popular both at home and abroad. They have been exported to the Philippines, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Australia, etc. If you are interested in us, welcome to visit our factory. Now I’d like to share related machine and working flow of the whole production line.

Brief Introduction to its raw materials and usage

Raw materials of pellet production could be agricultural wastes, including corn straw, cotton straw, soybean straw, rice straw, wheat straw, sawdust, wood flour, rice husk and peanut straws, etc. For our machine has a high requirement for the size and drying degree of raw materials. therefore before putting raw materials to the biomass pellet mill, you should examine whether raw materials are up to standard or not.

The finished products is wood pellet. According to the distinction of raw materials, they can be divided into several types: wood shavings particle, pine wood particle, pine needle particle, pine bark particle, oak particle, polar chip particle, etc. Some people used it for warming themselves at home; some people use it as a fuel for industrial boiler, others use it to generate electricity. Burning wood pellet won’t lead to environmental pollution. Now most countries is paying much attention to clean energy, wood pellet will be popular accordingly.

Main equipment and assistant equipment involved in wood pellet production line

Seeing from the beginning of the production line, those machines are placed successively as follows: crushing machine, dust collectors, belt conveyors, hot air stove, dryer, induced draft fan, bag filter, silo, skip hoist, pellet mill plant for sale, flat conveyor, distribution platform, cooler, baler, etc. Each of them plays an significant role. Now I choose three important machines for you: wood pellet machine, dryer and multi-function crusher.

1. Wood pelletizer machine

It is the main equipment during the whole production line. It is a kind of machine which turns wood materials such as tree trunk, branches, roots, bark, wood waste, building templates into wood pellet with the influence of pressure and heat. Our company produces the most advanced ring die pellet machine. What makes it unique is that the direction of the mold is vertical. When it is working, the ring die is static, while pressure rollers are rotating ,then materials can be centrifuged and evenly distributed. Thus it can avoid cambering and get better heat emission. Because of its unique compression ratio, good product quality, long service life, high productivity, low rate of fault, our pellet machine must be a wise choice for you.

The following chart is our main types of wood pellet making machines.

2. The dryer

Dryer is used to dry wood powder after they are smashed. There are two kinds of dryers in pellet line for your reference: drum dryer and air dryer.

A. Drum dryer

It is one of the simplest and easiest biomass energy drying equipments. In general, raw materials mainly are sawdust, straw, rice husk and peanut shell, etc. Drum dryer, hot blast stove, draught fan, cyclone dust collector form the whole drying production line. Hot air from the hot blast stove enters into the dryer cylinder, materials enter into the dryer from the feeding port, in the dryer, the materials will be kicked up by the lifter blade, then the hot air will meet materials and take away the moisture from the materials. The materials will be discharged from the discharge outlet, the hot air will be pumped away from the top, the action of the materials mainly depend on the pushing action of guide plate and lifter blade of the dryer.

B. Air dryer

It is hot blast pulse type dryer, also named hot air pipe type dryer. This dryer has advantages of direct heating, fast drying, easy installation and less land occupation.

Air dryer primarily consists of hot blast stove, which you may provide by yourselves, screw feeder, surge bin, air pipe, draught fan, cyclone dust collector, etc. You may provide the hot blast stove by yourselves on account of practical conditions.

Hot air is mainly from oil burner, gas burner, coal hot air furnace and steam heat exchanger. The air flow is generated by the negative pressure of the draught fan, the materials will enter into the air duct through screw feeder, hot air mixes with materials, moisture will separate from materials through the cyclone dust collector, and achieve the drying effect. Drying materials will be discharged from the cyclone dust collector and waste heat and waste steam will get out from the top of cyclone.

3. Multi-function crusher

It is a kind of advanced fine crushing equipment, which adopts various advantages of crusher. It specializes in producing high quality wood wool fiber, wood flour. Our double inlets wood grinding machine has wood log inlet and slab edgings inlet. The outlet can match draught fan and dust collector. Wood log inlet can smash log and board, offcut and bamboo and so on whose thickness is above three centimeters; slab edgings inlet can grind branch, crotch, slab, bamboo shaving, bark, wood chips and offcut of furniture factory, etc.

Working flow of wood pellet line

Just as its name implies, the whole line of biomass pellet plant is pretty compact. There are five steps to produce biomass pellets: smashing, pelletizing, cooling, screening and packaging.

Put raw materials into the crush machine and smash them, under the effect of the electrical machine, filler will enter into the dust collector for dust removal, while the crushing material will enter the dryer driven by the hot air stove through the conveyor, and after drying and dust collecting, materials will be put into silo through the conveyor, and then materials will be lifted to the distribution platform through the skip hoist and be parted. Afterwards, different materials will enter into their corresponding pellet machine, after extruding and cutting, the materials will be sent to cooler through the flat conveyor, and after cooling the material and collecting the dust, the finished product will be conveyed to the baler through the skirt belt conveyor.

Advantages of Beston pellet mill

1. We adopt core parts with ultra-high hardness, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance on each machine. No matter the ring die, the screen or the compression roller, they are all vulnerable parts which stand squeezing during working time. Thus qualified parts is necessary.

2. Each machine adopts advanced automatic technology. Thus its operation is simple and stable, its control is simple and convenient, and it is easy to realize automatic operation.

3. Our experienced workers are good at site planning and assembling the whole production line. You can tell us your practical requirements and we will offer you a cost effective design plan.

4. Our wood pellet machines are exported to a lot of foreign countries such as Philippines, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Australia, etc. We even have set up several overseas warehouses so as to serve you better.

5. In addition, our after-sales service department is waiting for your subsequent communication. We can give you some basic operation methods and maintenance methods.

All in all, with a reasonable wood pellet production line cost, you can totally make your ideal production plan come true by cooperating with us. You can also get straw pellet machine and rice husk pellet machine from us. We are so look forward to your inquiry.